Board Members


 James Atteberry

Jim is a retired physician who has devoted his retirement to helping the Monticello neighborhood and working on projects to improve the community. In Jim's experience, he has found that working as an association to accomplish things can be much productive than having individual residents tackle daunting tasks, especially when working with the City of Fort Worth.


 Justin Holt


 Frank Bowie

Mr. Bowie is a partner in First Worth Partners, LLC. Prior to forming First Worth Partners, he is a 40 year veteran of the wealth management and financial services industry, all in Fort Worth, Texas. His resume includes senior management positions in wealth management and trust banking; sales and marketing for an international brokerage firm; independent wealth management as a family office CEO; private equity capital raise and new business start up; and private client consulting and administration in trust and estate matters.


Security Coordinator: 

 Jaye Skaggs



 Blair Walker

Blair is a longtime resident of Fort Worth and a 6-year resident of Monticello. Look for her along the sidewalks or at Monticello Park with her three young daughters.

Social Director: 

 Jennifer Nickels

Monticello the best neighborhood in Fort Worth!

Landscape Director: 

 Robert Dolson


Zoning Chairman: 

 Judd Sheppard


Letters from the President