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Our City

There are many great things about living in Fort Worth. Currently the fastest growing of America’s largest 20 cities, Fort Worth has been described as one of the nation’s top 10 livable cities with a top 4 housing market.


One of the Great Art Destinations

The Monticello Neighborhood is truly the heartbeat of the Fort Worth’s cultural district, which is described by Vanity Fair as “One of the great art destinations in the world.”


No Where Like Home

Our neighborhood is uniquely positioned to help residents take full advantage of all that Fort Worth has to offer, providing a great place to invest and call home.


Cultural District

It’s difficult to say exactly what the highlight of the cultural district is so here are some links of all that there is to do, all of this lies within a short walk or 5 minute drive from Monticello.


West 7th

All roads lead to West 7th, a vibrant streetscape in the heart of Fort Worth's Cultural District, where shopping, dining and entertainment take center stage.

Filling the demand for style, taste and new experiences, you'll discover everything from fashion and accessory boutiques to salons and spas, plus dining delights from quick bites to gourmet restaurants and bars...including the option to take in a movie while you dine.