Zoning Case Victory

The Monticello neighborhood, despite an adverse recommendation by the Zoning Commission, won a battle against commercial encroachment on Case# ZC-16-209 with a unanimous vote by the City Council on Tuesday night.

This was an issue that needed to be defeated, and Monticello neighbors rose up against it. Many thanks go to Anne and Danny Abshire who led this opposition along with Sheilah Grant, all of whom were determined that this commercial encroachment should not be allowed.

Danny and Anne and Sheilah wish to express their appreciation to all the Monticello neighbors who turned out in mass to successfully defeat this rezone proposal. We, including the Monticello Neighborhood Association Board, appreciate the cooperation of our fellow neighborhoods as well, especially Crestwood neighborhood, in opposing this rezone.

We would also like to thank the support of our Councilman, Dennis Shingleton, for his leadership in recommending to the Council to appropriately vote against the commercial encroachment this rezone proposal represented. The response, however, from the Monticello neighbors, was amazing and effective.

Congratulations to all of you who came together to support the integrity of our wonderful neighborhood and its boundaries.