Critical Need for new Monticello Neighborhood Association Social Director

Jennifer Nickels has been an amazing social director for Monticello Neighborhood Association for years and years and has volunteered her time way past any reasonable expectations. She has also mentored other people in recent years regarding planning and organizing the social events of Monticello. That era is coming to an end, and we can only thank Jennifer for all she has done for all of us.

Although Monticello Neighborhood Association is involved in many aspects pertaining to improving and maintaining our community, the position of social director is the most important position on our board. There are a few relatively minor events that are sponsored by MNA, but our 4th of July Picnic and Parade and Halloween festival are traditional hallmarks of our Association, and these fun and much anticipated events cannot happen without the supervision and organization from a social director. 

If you love these events for you and your children, I would urge you to volunteer for this important position or identify someone in our neighborhood who would be ideally suited. Please help maintain the traditions and delightful experiences associated with these wonderful social events.

There is certainly room on the MNA Board for two social directors, if you would like to team up with someone else to take on this rewarding task. I feel sure that Jennifer will help with the transition for anyone volunteering for this exciting responsibility.

Please contact me directly at