Monticello Neighborhood Zoning Concerns

Residential zoning in the southern portion of Monticello is inconsistent with the majority of the neighborhood.  Over the past several years, neighbors (predominately in the blocks on or south of 4th Street) have repeatedly stressed their concern with the encroachment of duplexes or townhomes into what are (or were) predominately single family use blocks.  Whereas the majority of Monticello is zoned single family (“A”), the blocks on or south of 4th Street are either zoned Duplex (“B”) or Multifamily (“C”) (See map below). 

Usually, the zoning issue comes to a head when a duplex/townhome project is announced. Concerned neighbors then expend considerable effort to oppose these projects at City Hall, but invariably lose these battles due to pre-existing zoning.  Rather than be reactive, affected neighbors would do better to seek to down-zone blocks proactively.  It should be noted that existing duplex/multi-family structures are “grandfathered” in their existing zoning until they are torn down.  

Those MNA members that reside on streets located in the affected areas will receive an email from coordinators in the next couple of weeks game-planning the re-zone.  This requires major participation from the residents of the aforementioned areas of Monticello.  To change the zoning of any block, a petition must have the signatures of 50% + 1 of the residents (as they’re listed on the Tarrant Appraisal District website) or > 50% of the surface area of the block.  If you have a particular interest in seeing that your block be re-zoned, please contact

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