Upcoming MNA Elections and Call for Nominations

It is time for elections for the Monticello Neighborhood Association. Two positions are up for re-election:

  • President
  • Secretary 

Jim Atteberry has served four years as president and will not be a candidate, although he does have the option, according to MNA bylaws, to remain on the board for an additional two years as immediate past president (a non-voting position) to assist the board in any capacity. 

Blair Walker was named as replacement secretary early in 2017. She has done a wonderful job and is eager to continue in the role. She is fully endorsed by the current MNA Board and will be nominated to continue as secretary. Of course, other candidates may be nominated and run for the office should they highly desire the role.

Please step up to become a nominee for president, or nominate a spouse or a friend. This is an opportunity to shape your community for years to come. Leadership can come from a wide spectrum, whether it be from residents who have resided in Monticello for decades, people who have experience with neighborhood associations in the past, or young men or women who want to have an impact on the community in which they will live for decades to come.

To nominate, please send an email to questions@mnafw.org 

All nominees will be contacted by the board to confirm interest. It would be advisable to have all nominations submitted by December 15, 2017, so that there will be time for us to contact the nominees.  

The voting for the two offices will be done at a special meeting to be held at the time of the MNA Winter Social which will be held in mid-January at a locale to be announced later. Nominations may also come from the floor at the time of the special meeting and Winter Social.