Letter from MNA Social Chair

Dear Monticello Neighbors,

I wanted to reach out personally after a wonderful 4th of July parade and brunch.  I am Brenda Ciardiello, the current social chair for the MNA and the person in charge of planning these events (100% a volunteer!).  This year's parade was incredible! Full of so many participants - and the brunch was a ton of fun with Austin City Tacos' wonderful food and delicious iced coffee from Righteous Foods, among other treats (thank you Dairy Queen as well)!  Thank you for coming and being a part of it - and a special thank you to those who volunteered!

The social chair position is a 2-year role.  I will be leaving it after this my second year (though I will hopefully still be involved in the MNA and will definitely still help with events!) and so I feel now, while motivation is high, is a good time to reach out and ask our membership to consider volunteering to help keep these neighborhood events alive.  In the current role, there is one chair who is almost single-handedly responsible for planning / coordinating every single event.  That is not a sustainable situation.  I would like to suggest that each event is made up of co-chairs or even a small committee. 

Our events / volunteer needs are as follows:

January - Winter Social (no planners needed)

April - Spring Fling (I will continue to help chair this; would love a co-chair)

July - 4th of July (2-3 people, plus board volunteers)

October - National Night Out (1 person, plus board volunteers)

October - Halloween (2-3 people, plus board volunteers)

This plea especially goes out to the young families and new members - everyone benefits from these events, but especially the young families.  I have three children, a new small business, and a generally very busy life (and I am new to the neighborhood) and I have managed to do this (as did the wonderful social chair before me) - it would be 100% more managable with a co-chair / small committee!  

Please, talk to your friends - 2 people would be more than enough for all of these events (most of the volunteers are just needed on the day-of).  Find a friend and offer to chair an event. Ask your older kids who have moved into to the neighborhood, ask your PTA buddy who lives down the street - we all have to work together if we want to keep having these wonderful community events - the responsibility should not fall solely on one person's shoulders. 


I know it is early, but if we can try to divide the responsibility it will ensure that these events will continue on for future generations.  If we cannot find more volunteers to plan and coordinate these events, the events will stop happening -- and nobody wants that.


Please feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions at mnasocial@gmail.com

We will be having a neighborhood-wide MNA meeting in September so please keep your eyes open for that date to be announced soon.


Happy summer everyone!  And if you haven't already, follow us on Facebook.