Median Maintenance

The coordination of our neighborhood needs is much more involved and difficult than is generally perceived. We, as an organization, are very much involved in keeping our public areas beautiful and functional. This involves the cooperation of the City, our neighborhood association, and vendors who are willing to offer community service. 

Although it is the neighborhood association that arranges for and pays to keep our public street medians beautiful, we depend very much on vendors who are willing to do public service to keep up the maintenance on such areas. 

Cody Landscape does a wonderful job with the median at Virginia Place and Monticello Drive, and Dietrich Brothers does an extraordinary job with the median at Dorothy and Potomac. Up until recently, Blooms Landcare maintained the area of the Monticello Gates at 7th and Monticello Drive and the median at Bristol and Monticello Drive. Unfortunately, Blooms does not intend to continue such maintenance. We, the neighborhood, appreciate their past community service but we there is an urgent need to replace them.  

If anyone in the neighborhood can identify a lawn care or landscaping company that has significant interest and involvement in the Monticello neighborhood and who might like to be recognized (with appropriate signage), please contact them with regard to this opportunity to help us maintain these public areas. You or they may contact me directly at

Thank you. 
Jim Atteberry

Former MNA President