Monticello Crime & FWPD

Monticello has been the recent target of some petty crime and below is some important information regarding the matter:

  1. If you or your property have been a victim, it is IMPERATIVE that you report the crime at 
  2. The more crimes we report, the more coverage we get and the higher the probability of catching the criminal.
  3. If you have video footage that shows an image of the criminal, please email it to the officer in charge of our investigation, Joshua Bohlin or 817-392-4730
  4. You can always call our Neighborhood Police Officer, James Gray, for questions.  He can be reached at 817-392-4495 (work), 817-988-0136 (cell) or
  5. FWPD non-emergency number is 817-392-4222 if you have other concerns.


Please remember to keep an eye out, lock your cars, put away your yard toys and be careful!

Thank you,

Monticello Neighborhood Association