Monticello Park Irrigation

The Monticello Neighborhood Association has studied for years the possibility of irrigating at least a portion of the Monticello Park. Many years ago, there was an irrigation system in place, but it has been established that the old system is not salvageable.

The MNA Board has looked at three bids to irrigate the area directly west of the tennis courts—an area many people identify as the playing field. We have selected what we consider the best bid, and we are ready to move forward on this project.

The cost of the project, including the system and recommended changes in the turf, will be about $10,000. The MNA Board has voted to jump start the initiative with a pledge of $3,000 along with an agreement to maintain the system. We are negotiating with the City to provide the water.

To move forward, we will need to raise approximately $7,000 from our membership.  We would hope that any donations would not take away from annual dues contributions. We have talked to many users of the Monticello Park who have expressed enthusiasm. Some people have indicated a desire to give substantial amounts, but it will also take small donations of $10-$50 to reach our goal. 

If you wish to donate to this project, please either:

1. Pay via Venmo @Monticello-Neighbhood

2. Send a check with the memo “Irrigation” to the Monticello Neighborhood Association, P.O. Box 470391, Fort Worth, TX 76147.